Oil and Gas Projects

  • Oil and Gas Projects

    • SAFER, Yemen LNG Project - "C-Contract":
      Phase –I : Upstream Modifications’ Project E&I, Construction Supervision, QA/QC, Testing, Commissioning & Start-Up.
      Phase –II: Complete New Gas Plant / Power Plant Project, Electrical, Instrumentation, Civil, Mechanical, Construction Supervision, QA/QC, Testing, Commissioning and Start-Up. CPU Gas Expansion Piping Project: New Gas line with all the related facility, Mechanical (Piping), Construction Supervision & QA/QC.
      LPG Project: New LPG Storage and all related facilities - Yemen. (2010 / 2012)
    • SAFER, Raydan Field Final Expantion and Power Plant Project - “EC-Contract” - FEED, Detailed Engineering, Procurement Supervision, System Study, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Start-Up - Yemen. (2007 / 2009)
    • Saudi Aramco/J.Ray McDermott - "C- Subcontract" Switchgear Testing and Commissioning, Subsea cables, Fiber Optic Cables Splicing and Termination, Platform top side Power Cables Testing and Termination for Safanayiah Phase I & Phase II projects; 115/13.8KV TP-18 Substation, 230/115/13.8KV TP-20 Substation, Marjan, Karan, Khafgi / Joint Operation, Hsabah & Arabiyah, Abu Safa, Manifa, 13.8KV&0.48KV equipment Ratawi Water Injection facilities - Jabal Ali, UAE & ARAMCO KSA Off-Shore Sites. (2012 / 2016)
    • SAFER – Ras Issa Storage Terminal Project - "E-Contract" - FEED & Detailed Engineering – Yemen. (2012)
    • ADCO, - "C- Subcontract" Replacement, Testing and commissioning of 33/11kV, 30/24MVA, ONAN/ONAF, 50Hz, YNd11, Oil Power Transformer & its Protection System - - UAE. (2012)
    • YHUNT, "EC Contract" for KPU/AL-Raja Oil Filed Power System Study, Al-Nasr "New Generators Control Panel" & "Switchgear Extension" Project, HALEWAH Ext. Project & Protection system PM- Yemen. (2006/2008)
    • SAFER, "EC Contract" & Procurement Supervision for CPU/ KPU/Al Raja Power System Study, Protection Rehabilitation & Upgrade project and Protection System PM - Yemen. (2005/2006)
    • ADMA-OPCO/GE , Zakum West Field, TURBO Power Generator (G130A/B) – "C-Subcontract" -Control and electrical System Upgrade, Testing and commissioning of Generator protection system and synchronization, Abu Dhabi- UAE. (2012)
    • Power System Study and Creation of Equipment Data Base for All Off-Shore Sites, Dubai Petroleum – Dubai - UAE. (2014 / 2015)
    • Saudi Aramco / Saipem Contracting, Fibre Optic Installation Project – Testing and other miscellaneous services – 1076044 Arabiyah, Hasbah & Karan – KSA. (2015)
    • Saudi Aramco / Snamprogetti – Offshore Services Submarine Composite Cables & ICCP cables – MRJN TP-9, MRJN 440/449 and ZULF 510/519 Platforms in Marjan and Zuluf Fields – KSA. (2016)
    • SAUDI ARAMCO / McDermott Submarine Composite Power & Fibre optic cable services – Testing and Termination – D6173 Abu Ali Project , KSA. (2016)

    Oil and Gas Projects completion certificates